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505 Songworks is a boutique licensing agency that connects indie artists, songwriters, and producers with ad agencies and music supervisors.  We feature top-notch, "one-stop" or "easy clear" indie music for licensing in Ads, Film and TV.  

505 Songworks Mission

To bring one million dollars to New Mexico artists and songwriters

by 2024 because incredible artists should have their music heard AND get paid for it.

Josh Bien

Director of Music

Obsessed with songwriting since he was 14, Josh has never really wanted the rockstar/touring lifestyle.  He instead is a recording artist and collaborates with other artists on co-writing new songs.  He loves helping indie artists and bands (especially from the 505) get placed in ads, tv and film.


Magdelene Gallegos

Director of Licensing

For the last 20 years, Magdelene has used music to help the film, theatre, and dance storytelling process. A forever fan of music, Magdelene loves stumbling upon new artists and is always open to a song suggestion!