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Open call for submissions for a limited time!

Are you a New Mexican artist, songwriter and/or musician?  We're looking to fill our library up with locally sourced music!


We are seeking radio quality recordings that are "one-stop" or "easy clear" to add to our catalogue of songs for licensing in Film, Television and Ads.

All genres welcome.  As 505 Songworks is a local agency dedicated to helping New Mexican musicians, you must be from New Mexico to submit. 


  • How much does it cost to submit?

    • Nothing, Nada, zip, zero, it's free.​

  • How much does it cost to be in 505 Songworks library if accepted?

    • Same as above, nothing, nada, zip, zero.  We only take a minority cut of the licensing fee when we land a placement with your music.​

  • Am I giving up any of my rights to my song?

    • Nope, not a bit!  We take zero rights or publishing, the song remains leagally yours!​

  • What's One Stop or Easy Clear?

    • One stop means that you have 100% rights to the song or that the other co-writers & stakeholders in the recording have agreed to give you the right to submit the song and sign it for sync placements.  Easy Clear means that there are 2 stakeholders that need to give their consent.  ​

  • Do you accept recorded demos?

    • No, unfortunately if it's not a radio ready quality recording, we can't use it.​

  • What genres do you need?

    • Right now, all of them!​

  • What happens after the deadline?

    • We close open submissions and resume only putting calls out to our e-mail list when we need something more specific.  This is likely the last time we have such a wide open call for music.​

Got a different question?  e-mail us!

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